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Be who you are

The strange and beautiful gestalt theory of ‘the paradox of change’ states that it is only when we fully accept ourselves as we are, that we can move to the position of change. I believe and have experienced this to […]

Our wonderful plastic brains

Are our brains made of plastic? Well not yet!  But we do have the amazing ability to change our brains through the decisions we make.  The way organisations nurture and empower their staff can encourage this plasticity and enhance an employee’s […]

Situated Learning

Clearly doing is an important aspect of learning and one that is often unappreciated. A robust Games Based Situated Learning Model, though, goes beyond doing. It needs to encapsulate the beingness of a situation. Games Based Situated Learning is a […]

Survival of the Collaborator

The evolutionary idea of the “survival of the fittest” is well established in our culture and has been accepted as a concept to explain the success of the human race. But there are evolution experts who argue that it is […]