Private Sector:

  • AB World Foods: Pataks, Blue Dragon, Reggae Reggae Sauce …
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Ashbury Labelling
  • vcg Kestrel
  • Big 5 Catering
  • Birling’s Confectionery
  • Carslake Tea Company 
  • Find Inspiration in Food
  • Natural Veg Men
  • The Fresh Lemonade Company
  • The Sugar Tree


Public Sector and Education:

  • Bedford High Schooll
    • Allerdale Council
      • Copeland Council
        • Coventry City Council
          • West Midlands Future Leaders
          • York City Council

          Project Manager – It was enlightening and informative. I understand how my drivers hinder my work and will be mindful of the negative (egostate) behaviours I exhibit most – marshmallow in particular!

          Senior Manager – I discussed the group work with my team and it has increased our awareness of ourselves and others and given us confidence that we can make changes and take personal and collective responsibility for solving problems.

          Freelancer – This exercise has however got straight to the point and gives a good framework in which to be able to see everything more clearly almost from a third person perspective.

          Freelancer – I can trust myself more and be more confident, also be less aggressive and more understanding of other people’s roles and problems. 

          Head of Department – Good really helped to see them all as individuals rather than different teams or companies.  I can collaborate with people although we don’t always work in the best way in our day job.  I can now see the bigger picture and see how we can collaborate to improve and be more honest person to person.   

          Account Manager – I need to admit when I need help, stop be afraid to make mistakes, start having trust in others and don’t try to do everything.

          Senior Designer – Very good everyone is suddenly normal!!  



          •  Positive dialogue and mindset reducing issues & supporting growth.
          •  Increased leadership & management competence.
          •  Improved team/supply chain effectiveness based on trust & respect.

          •  Empowered, motivated and productive teams & individuals.
          •  Improved decision making.
          •  Reduced  stress, absenteeism and staff churn.