From a behavioural needs analysis to embedding a behavioural framework, we have the answers:

⇒ Where do I start?
⇒ What is Behavioural Economics?
⇒ What is Transactional Analysis?
⇒ Why have you integrated Behavioural Economics and Transactional Analysis?
⇒ What is Experiential Learning and Learning Simulations?
⇒ How much do your services cost?
⇒ What is a behavioural framework?
⇒ Can you tailor a behavioural framework for our organisation?
⇒ Who do you work with?

Was amazing – was great to really work and interact with more senior members of the team. This I find is very rare at this early stage of my career. They are more open to ideas and suggestions than I thought. Freelancer (Generation Y)

I think it really helps people understand each other’s behaviours and working styles. For me, this is also linked to the well-being of the team – we need not to dwell on the negative aspects of these behaviours, but celebrate what a good job we are doing of balancing them. Senior Manager ABWF 


Be who you are

Be who you are

The strange and beautiful gestalt theory of ‘the paradox of change’ states that it is only when we fully accept ourselves as we are, that we can move to the position of change. I believe and have experienced this to […]
Our wonderful plastic brains

Our wonderful plastic brains

Are our brains made of plastic? Well not yet!  But we do have the amazing ability to change our brains through the decisions we make.  The way organisations nurture and empower their staff can encourage this plasticity and enhance an employee’s […]
Situated Learning

Situated Learning

Clearly doing is an important aspect of learning and one that is often unappreciated. A robust Games Based Situated Learning Model, though, goes beyond doing. It needs to encapsulate the beingness of a situation. Games Based Situated Learning is a […]

How We Can Help You to Become Behaviourally Competent

• We assess the behavioural competence of you and your team/organisation/supply chain. We undertake a training needs analysis.

• We consider what you want to achieve.

• We design a tailored coaching and training programme for key work streams. We can deploy e-Learning to take the programme wider within your organisation.

• We create a tailored behavioural framework to support your systems and processes.

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