Employees do not act like the robots that spreadsheets and plans suggest; instead they exhibit normal human differences and biases. They are often irrational and unpredictable decision makers. And it is this weakest link that determines overall organisational and supply chain effectiveness. Our behavioural services support your organisation in two potentially interrelated areas:

  • Behavioural Frameworks – guidelines to specify good practices.
  • Behavioural Programmes – embed good practices and drive organisational improvements.


behavioural services - integrating behavioural frameworks with behavioral programmes




Ploughing ever more money into process improvement provides no guarantee of success. It is your people that provide both the weakest link and the greatest opportunity for change. A behavioural framework is a guide to support the adoption of good behaviours. It identifies good behaviours and positive & negative indicators. But most importantly, as well as providing a broad outline of desired behaviours, we identify triggers and provides suggestions and methods for dealing with situations.

Core Behavioural Framework

A Behavioural Framework challenges leaders & managers to put people at the heart of their plans. As part of an action research project, we developed our core Behavioural Framework



We can deliver programmes to drive improvements inside and outside the organisation:


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