pixelfountain and Behavioural Leadership

Behavioural Leadership is brought to you by pixelfountain.

pixelfountain provides creative solutions for developing people and organisations.

People want to be engaged and thrive on challenges. That is why people will spend hours harvesting online crops, building digital empires and being virtual mayors at home. Learning & development and communications doesn’t begin and end with PowerPoint. Instead, we apply serious game content & behavioural models to improve organisational performance with computer-based collaborative learning simulations.

When used in an experiential workshop, our computer-based collaborative learning simulations blend the best of traditional and interactive learning. Our innovative approach has been used in over 450 workshops to successfully train more than 6,500 individuals. Long–term evaluation of our workshop based learning simulation approach has shown that the immediate benefits translate into changed behaviour, better decision making and improved skills, which ultimately are incorporated into organisational improvements.

Situated Learning

Situated Learning

Clearly doing is an important aspect of learning and one that is often unappreciated. A robust Games Based Situated Learning Model, though, goes beyond doing. It needs to encapsulate the beingness of a situation. Games Based Situated Learning is a […]

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