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In addition, over the next weeks and months we will be developing a portal that contains e-Learning, tools and simulations to help you on your journey to behavioural competence.


Help to Become Behaviourally Competent

• We assess the behavioural competence of you and your team/organisation/supply chain. We undertake a training needs analysis.

• We consider what you want to achieve.

• We design a tailored coaching and training programme for key work streams (see below). We can deploy e-Learning and other behavioural resources to take the programme wider within your organisation.

• We create a tailored behavioural framework to support your systems and processes.

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Behavioural Framework

A Behavioural Framework challenges leaders & managers to put people at the heart of their plans. Ploughing ever more money into process improvement provides no guarantee of success. It is your people that provide both the weakest link and the greatest opportunity for change. Have a read of our core Behavioural Framework

Behavioural Glossary

Our behavioural glossary is by no means an exhaustive list of Transactional Analysis and Behavioural Economics terms, but it should get you started. As well as including a brief definition we have also included implications for organisations. Please use our behavioural glossary and even suggest more terms.

Working Styles/Drivers

Understand how you and your team are made up of 5 Working Styles/Drivers (Be Perfect, Hurry Up, Be Strong, Try Hard and Please Others). Think about how this impacts on the way they behave and approach situations. Think about optimising teams to create a good balance of the 5 Working Styles.  Try our online questionnaire.


Driving behavioural based improvements inside and outside the organisation:

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